Eid-ul-Adha – Eid of Sacrifice

The first day of the month of Hajj will be Saturday 3rd September 2016.

Eid-ul-Adha inshaAllah will be celebrated on Monday 12th September 2016. Eid ul-Adha prayer will be held at 10.00am.

The Khutba, sermon, will start around 9:15am.

Praying facilities are available, as always, for sisters.

Please arrive early and don’t be late as we start the prayer on time.

Lear more about the importance of first 10 days of the month of Haj.

Learn about Takbir Tashriq 


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Eid-ul-Fitr 2016

It is our pleasure to announce that Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday 6th July 2016.

Prayer time is 10am sharp.

Eid Mubarak to everyone.

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Ramadan 2016 Timetable

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

Ramadan 2016 timetable is available.

Ramadan 2016 Timetable

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Community Iftar on 9 June 2016


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Jalsa in memory of Shaykh Hafiz Fateh Muhammad

An annual gathering in memory of Shaykh Hafiz Fateh Muhammad (may Allah shower His mercy upon him) is being held on Sunday 24th April 2016 at 2.30pm @ Makkah Masjid.

Brothers and sisters are invited to participate in this blessed mehfil and benefit immensely

POSTER Hafiz Sahib 2016-page0001-2

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Muslims are not a ‘nation within a nation’

The ICM/Channel 4 poll is complex in what it reveals. On the basis of this survey of selective areas, it is wrong to assume that the Muslim community would rather have its own nation within Britain.

Read more: http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/opinion/qari-asim-muslims-are-not-a-nation-within-a-nation-1-7851165#ixzz45q96cYAv


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Suicide Bomb Blast Rocked Lahore Pakistan

Tonight, we are praying for safety and security and peace for people of Pakistan. Absolutely dreadful news has come from Gulshan Iqbal Park, Lahore Pakistan. So far around 70 people are dead and 350 have been injured. The suicide attack took place at a children’s park, where a large number of families, especially women and children, were present. Thoughts and prayers for the families of all those who have been affected by the blast in Lahore.

Qari Asim, Imam of Makkah Masjid, said: “I have been to Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park of Iqbal Town Lahore a number of times and can relate to the site of the attack where now pools of blood and scattered body parts are spread across.”

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar has accepted responsibility of such despicable act of

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Brussels Bomb Blasts Require Co-ordinated Response to Growing Terrorism

Scores of people have been killed and wounded after explosions blasted at Brussels airport and a metro station in the city centre.

British Muslims, along with all other communities, are shocked and dismayed at yet another attack in Europe, after last year’s Paris attacks.

Chief Imam of Leeds Makakh Mosque,  Imam Qari Asim said: “We stand united with the people of Brussels in this tragic hour: our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of these horrific attacks.”

Qari Asim said: “Terrorism is a global phenomenon and one of the greatest challenges of our time. The recent attacks on Turkey and now in Brussels call for a robust and co-ordinated approach to tackle the growing violence caused by terrorism. The terrible blasts and killings are not only an attack on the people of Brussels, but an attack on all of us.”

“Through their evil actions, the terrorists have shown that they have no regard for any religion or humanity. They are committing terror and killing people indiscriminately, across the globe, irrespective of faith, nationality and background of the victims. The terrorists have maligned Islam – religion of peace- for their own political and territorial goals”, said Qari Asim

“The terrorists who have carried out these horrific attacks want to create a climate of fear and anger in Europe. The heinous crimes of these terrorists must not be allowed to destabilise the good relationships that exist between faith groups and communities within Europe. We must stand firm, with compassion and solidarity, against hatred and violence. We must not play into the divisive and poisonous narrative of extremists.”

A spokesperson for Leeds Muslim Council, Haji Muhammad, said: “The barbaric and despicable acts of sympathisers of the pseudo ‘Islamic State’ are absolutely contrary to the teachings of Islam. These callous and cowardly attacks on fellow humans are attacks on our shared universal values.”


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Spiritual gathering in honour of Hadrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)

Makkah Masjid cordially invites everyone to a spiritual gathering in honour of Spiritual Master, Gause Azam, Hadrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) this Sunday @ Maghrib prayer (5.18pm).

POSTER Gause azam 2016

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Youth & Women Consultation Meeting

Mosque EngagementLeeds Makkah Masjid is holding its annual CONSULTATION meeting TOMORROW 7 February, between 3:30-5:00pm.

Leeds Makkah Masjid would like to invite all brothers and sisters in and around Leeds to attend this session to:

1. learn about the services and activities of the Mosque;

2. suggest ways to improve those services / activities and participation;

3. volunteer – time, energies, skills – to deliver an even better service.

Come & be part of this rewarding  journey!!

End of a year is a time of deep reflection, looking back at what went well and what more could be done. It is also a time to thank all those who made things work; without their support, in whatever shape and form, Makkah Masjid would not have been able to deliver much.

May Allah Almighty reward all those who have sincerely worked with us over the years.

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